Let’s Open The Centrum for Christmas!

Join us for a Family Fun social distancing event on June 25th as we celebrate Christmas in June and prepare for the reopening of the Cypress Creek Christian Community Center Centrum in Christmas 2020! You can also use the links below to donate to the revitalization of the Centrum as crews prepare to start construction later this summer!

The Centrum has provided the Cypress Creek community with a world-class facility for the performing arts and event hosting since 1997

Hurricane Harvey’s devastating flood waters caused extensive damage to the Centrum in 2017.

With your help, the Centrum can be revitalized and reopened in 2020!

Click below to learn more about the Centrum Revitalization donation campaign

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Fundraiser Event

Let’s Open the Centrum for Christmas!

Join us for a Christmas Celebration in June to support the reopening of the Community Center Centrum by Christmas 2020!

About this Event

The Cypress Creek Christian Community Center buildings were devastated by the flooding of Hurricane Harvey. The Centrum, a world-class performance facility that has been a home to performing arts shows and events since 1997 is finally ready to be revitalized and reopened in 2020, but we need your help!

Join us for a Christmas in June event filled with family fund (presented with masks and social distancing!)

Christmas Car Parade led by Harris County Precinct 4 Constables

EVERYONE is invited to participate . It’s EASY, it’s FUN, and it’s FREE!

Decorate your vehicle as simply or ornate as you’d like with Christmas Joy and line up with Santa for some Christmas Cheer!

Parade entrants will meet in the Lowe’s parking lot at the intersection of Highway 249 and Cypresswood Drive at 3:30 PM.

We will parade east on Cypresswood toward Kuykendahl; turn around and head to the Centrum for a Christmas Mini Festival including :

  • Live Christmas Music from Three Open Air Tents
  • White Christmas Photo Op for You and your Family with SNOW
  • Front Row View of Santa in his Sleigh
  • Manger Scene and Live Christmas Carols
  • Virtual Tour of Centrum and Christmas Bell Choir on outdoor Movie Screen

After the party, livestream an Open House of the Centrum Today and the plans for the Christmas Opening from your Home Screen!

Christmas is Coming and with your support and participation in the Kick-Off Fun we will Celebrate in the Centrum!

Please let us know how many vehicles you’ll be bringing to the event by registering below


About the Community Center

When Cypress Creek Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) was established in April of 1972, the congregation decided that it did not want to build a structure that would be occupied just on Sunday mornings. The Cypress Creek Christian Community Center was created to use the buildings as an outreach tool of ministry for caring for God’s people. With the help of the community, we actively solicited organizations that would help meet the needs of our community and give the organizations a home. We believe that by using these buildings as a tool of the mission, we proclaim with John that, “Because He first loved us, let us now endeavor to love one another.”

The two criteria for use of buildings are that organizations be non-profit and that they provide a valuable community service appropriate for the space to meet the educational, humanitarian, spiritual and cultural needs of Northwest Harris County.

In March 1976, The Center was established as a Texas non-profit corporation and its Governing Board assumed responsibility for all scheduling of the facilities. Cypress Creek Christian Church owns and operates the facilities, and as its mission to serving the community, makes the facilities available to the more than 110 non-profit user organizations that operate their valuable programs and services through the Center.

Enabled by generous grants from foundations such as Houston Endowment, the Brown Foundation, and the M. D. Anderson Foundation, the Center opened in June 1978, with a 15,600 square foot building known as The Forum. The Forum houses a 290-seat auditorium, an acoustical gem which is recognized as one of the finest venues for chamber music in the Greater Houston Area. In the following years, a Youth and Education Building (classrooms), a Chapel and the Centrum (world-class performance facility) were added. The facilities suffered severe damage during Hurricane Harvey and renovations to the Centrum are still in progress.

The Center is the energizing community driven force within a centralized, civic complex which includes The Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts, Barbara Bush Harris County Library, courthouse annex, a 63-acre park, the Cypress Creek Greenway Hike and Bike Trails and the George H. W. Bush Community Center, a recent Harris County Precinct 4 acquisition. This civic and cultural district serves the needs of over 1,000,000 residents of Northwest Houston and Harris County.

About the Revitalization Campaign

Investing in Community Revitalization – Let’s Open the Centrum for Christmas!

Recent Developments that Make Project Feasible

  • Cypress Creek Christian Church CCCC) received the final $1,093,000 obligation from FEMA on May 2, 2020 in response to their filing in January, 2018 and 2 years of negotiation
  • CCCC has $1,000,000 designated for this project in addition to FEMA’s obligation
  • Trilogy, contractor of choice has been vetted. Construction plans are nearly complete
  • Total project cost including $200,000 for overages is $2.7 million (subject to congregational approval)
  • Only $500,000 is needed to open the Centrum by Christmas, 2020

Construction Renovation and Additional Improvements Included in contract price

  • Flood Gate System (3.5 ft tall), sealing walls and watertight doors. (FloodBreak Revolutionary Flood Control–same technology installed at M.D. Anderson, Bayshore Medical Center, and others. Website: www.floodbreak.com
  • All new AC system – high efficiency
  • Updated and improved sound and lighting systems (LED spotlights, reducing heat and savings on AC)
  • New theatre seats on first floor and balcony and new portable concert seats
  • New carpet throughout (both downstairs & upstairs)
  • ADA Family Restroom and Elevator
  • Lobby Renovated and Refurnished for Performing Arts Center
  • Brides and Artists Dressing Room Redesign
  • Green Room Addition as Lounge Area for Performers, Brides Families, etc.
  • Repairs to stairwells from longtime leak in the ceiling ($138,000)
  • Renovated upstairs restrooms
  • Upgraded catering kitchen
  • Relocation and Renovation of baptistery

Financial Strength of Cypress Creek Christian Church

  • In 2012, when Pastor Bruce Frogge was hired, CCCC was $2.77 million in debt
  • By 2017, the debt was paid down to $1.5 million
  • Harvey flooded all church buildings in August, 2017
  • Flood insurance received for all buildings was invested and increased by donations even while the other buildings were being renovated, thanks to congregant labor and contributions
  • In 2019 CCCC burned the mortgage and became debt free and remains debt free to this day
  • Since the flood, CCCC has spent $40,000+/year in maintenance costs for the Centrum alone including insurance, AC, fire alarm, etc.

Projected Project Timing

  • CCCC Membership will approve bridge loan to finance delayed FEMA reimbursements by the middle of July
  • Bridge loan of $1,000,000 has been approved by Disciples of Christ Extension Agency and will be funded as reimbursable invoices are received. The loan will be paid as obligated funds are received by FEMA and the loan amount will be decreased as FEMA payments are received.
  • Pending Contract executed by the middle of July means the Centrum can be open by Christmas!

Your Support is Essential



With your help, we can reopen the Centrum by Christmas 2020. Any amount can be donated using the button below and we have naming opportunities available for different donation levels.

All donations are being made to the Cypress Creek Christian Community Center, a registered 501(c)(3) organization, and will be used to help fund the revitalization and restoration of the Centrum due to damage suffered during Hurricane Harvey. Funds received by the Center for that specific project may be forwarded to the Cypress Creek Christian Church to be used by the Church for the revitalization of the Centrum.

Naming Opportunities

If you would like to take advantage of one of our naming opportunities, please use the form below or contact the Cypress Creek Christian Community Center Executive Directory, Norma Lowrey, via e-mail at nlowrey@cypresscreek.cc.

Performance Stage Naming Sponsorships – $100,000
Donor Name(s) Prominently Displayed on Donor Wall in Lobby

A Gift in Memory of Frank Allan Bryant

Brides’ and Artists’ Dressing Room Sponsorship – $10,000
Fulfilled as Mary & David Klein Bride’s Room

Green Room Sponsorship – $10,000
Fulfilled as Anne & Baines Manning and Diann & Wayne Windham Green Room

Catering Kitchen Sponsorship – $5,000
Fulfilled as Sandra & Lamar Loyd Catering Kitchen

Lobby Furnishing Sponsorship – $5,000
Fulfilled as Carolyn Spillane and Diane & Larry Liption Lobby Furnishings

Portable Box Office Sponsorship – $2,500
Fulfilled as Brenda & Rodney Pennington Box Office

Sound and Lighting Group Sponsorship
Donor Name(s) will be prominently displayed on plaque inside Centrum
$1,500 (183 available)

Donors: Cypress Creek FACE, Jewel Dawson, Claudia & Nathan Higginbotham, Mary & Paul Hupman (2), Kay & Mike Smith, Debbie Rawlins, Greg Lawrence, Mary & Charles Schultz, Ann Frohbieter, Keith Rawlinson & James Seymour, Julie Callaway & Sheri Ragan, Jack Adams & Jeff Charlesworth, Rose & John Cantrell, Donna & Brett Hainley, Sue Lurcott, Cypress Creek Christian Church Endowment

Cornerstone Sponsorships
Stones for pillars on each side of the Centrum – Donor Name(s) will be prominently displayed on plaque inside Centrum
$1,000 each (176 available)


Larry Lipton Given By His Family, Summer & RJ Hegedus, Louise & Steve Slater, Martha Bissex, Margie & Rick Crump, Nancy & Ross Radcliffe, George Peckham, Cindy & Jim Thompson, Karyn & Bill Duffy, Nita & Nolan Bedford, The Neunkirch Family, Becky Winders, Houston Willowbrook Methodist Hospital, CCCC Art Ministry, Cheryl & Fred Coleman, Sandra & Lamar Loyd, Kay & Tom Gallatin , Carol & Calvin Cobb, Cynthia & P. Lewis Crossley (2), Karen Wilkerson, Jim Garrity Memorial Cornerstone, Claudia & Nathan Higginbotham, Ann Frohbieter, Glenn Wilkerson, Cypress Creek Christian Church Endowment

Theatre Chair Sponsorships
Donor Name(s) will be prominently displayed on plaque inside Centrum
$250 each (380 available)


Rev. Bruce & Donna Frogge (2), Gloria Aldridge (10), Louise & Steve Slater (6), Brenda & Bill Spillman (2), Ron & Cynthia Munday (2), Marion Reed, Ruth Medlin (2), Tammy & Esau Jasso (2), Shirley Cantrell, Jackie & Pat Riley (2), Julia Johnson (2), Barbara & Dr Russell Schlattman (2), Beverly Collins (2), Barbara & Bud Habel (2), Martha Bissex (2), Carole & Tom McCarley (2), Pat & John Cooksey (2), Candy & Dr. Mark Rigo (2), Andrea & Jim Garrity (2), Diane & Larry Lipton (2), Elaine & Steve Neeld (2), Karyn & Bill Duffy (4), Tammy & Gerard Bulhon (2), Trish & Pat Kelly (2), Patsy & Tom Patterson (2), In Memory of Elta Lee Johnson, Dale Adcock (34) , Mary Rogers (2), Charles Ferrell (2), Patricia & Sam Harless (2), Ginni & Mark Whitten , Greg Lawrence (2), Karla & Bob Shirley (3), Christine Tremonte (2), Bill Rice (6), Karen & Steve Sharp (2), Cynthia & P. Lewis Crossley (2), Ruby Abrol Coleman, Scruples Boutique, CCCC Bunko (2), Ange & Bob Aghamalian (2), Nancy & Irv Grayson (2), Summer & David Patton (2), Norma Lowrey (2), Judge Lincoln Goodwin Campaign (2), Anne & Baines Manning (2), The Friendship SS Class , Margie & Rick Crump (2), Mary & Tom Brandt (2), Dana & Bill Hines, Gerri Coy, Kim & Albert Caldwell (2), M. Bruce Smith Family, Ann Dale (2), Gaye Thurmond (2), Marilyn Lewellen, Ann Frohbieter (2), Sue and Tom Stewart, Rose & John Cantrell (2), Mary & David Klein (4), Carolyn Spillane (2), Lucy & Bob Limbaugh (2), Gail Mose, Claudia & Nathan Higginbotham (4), Paula & John Gembala (2), Beverly & Larry Hornback (2), Linda & Tom Warren (4), Bonnie & David Ellis, Scott Coleman, Peggy Jo & Dr. Elbert Coker (2), Farrar Stockton & Family, Jerry Albrecht Family (3), Diane & Al Brooks (2), Michael Rebner & Dr. Joel Plaag (2), Julia & George Tienkien (2), Delma Neely , Carol & Frank Stack (2), Tim Reed (4), Susan & Kevin Logan (2), Dawn & John Basel, Reed H. B. Smith Family, Jack Johnson, Cariolyn & Rick Stockton (2), Susan & Chad Greer, Susan Ridenour, Sue Lurcott (4) , Isobel & Bill Blair (2), Carolyn & Rick Stockton (2), Martha Bissex in honor of her son and daughter-in law , In Memory of Norman Lowrey, Cypress Creek Christian Church Endowment (10), Barbara Harker, In Memory of Scott Stephenson by the Johnsons 

Portable Theatre Chair Sponsorships
Donor Name(s) will be prominently displayed on plaque inside Centrum
$175 each (104 available)


Dale Adcock (10), Judy Wood, Michael Rebner & Dr. Joel Plaag, Michelle Fought, In Memory of Estela Gomez, Shirley Cantrell, Juan Manzano, Helene Burris (2), C4 Craft Crowd, Judy & Jerry Sullivan , Paula & John Gembala (2)



Margaret Davis, Rev. Bruce Frogge, Heather Sharp, Elaine & Steve Neeld, Judy Roper & Gary Groves, Craft Crowd, Diane & Larry Lipton, Anita & John Griffin, Clara Maynard, Anonymous, Brooke & John Magness, Stephanie Spillman, Robin & Ricky Croix, FACEBOOK Anonymous Donation, Farrar Stockton & Family, Richard Chuska, Virgil Heiman, Janice Frazier, Garrity Memorial

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