With your help, we can reopen the Centrum by Christmas 2020. Any amount can be donated using the button below and we have naming opportunities available for different donation levels.

All donations are being made to the Cypress Creek Christian Community Center, a registered 501(c)(3) organization, and will be used to help fund the revitalization and restoration of the Centrum due to damage suffered during Hurricane Harvey. Funds received by the Center for that specific project may be forwarded to the Cypress Creek Christian Church to be used by the Church for the revitalization of the Centrum.

Naming Opportunities

If you would like to take advantage of one of our naming opportunities, please use the form below or contact the Cypress Creek Christian Community Center Executive Directory, Norma Lowrey, via e-mail at

Lobby Naming Rights
Donor Name(s) and picture will be prominently displayed as Name of Lobby

Performance Stage Naming Sponsorships
10 Donor Names Prominently Displayed on Donor Wall in Lobby – $10,000 each (9 available)


Dale Adcock

Brides’ and Artists’ Dressing Room Sponsorship
Fulfilled as Mary and David Klein Bride’s Room

Green Room Sponsorship
Fulfilled as Anne and Baines Manning and Diann and Wayne Windham Green Room

Catering Kitchen Sponsorship
Fulfilled as Sandra and Lamar Loyd Catering Kitchen

Lobby Furnishing Sponsorship
Fulfilled as Carolyn Spillane and Diane and Larry Lipton Lobby Furnishings

Portable Box Office Sponsorship
Fulfilled as Brenda and Rodney Pennington Box Office

Sound and Lighting Group Sponsorship
Donor Name(s) will be prominently displayed on plaque inside Centrum
$1,500 (196 available)

Donors: Cypress Creek FACE, Dawn and John Basel, Debbie Rawlins, Greg Lawrence

Cornerstone Sponsorships
Stones for pillars on each side of the Centrum – Donor Name(s) will be prominently displayed on plaque inside Centrum
$1,000 each (196 available)


Larry Lipton Given By His Family, Summer & RJ Hegedus, Louise & Steve Slater, Martha Bissex, Margie and Rick Crump, Karyn & Bill Duffy, Nita and Nolan Bedford, The Neunkirch Family, Becky Winders, Houston Willowbrook Methodist Hospital, Kay & Tom Gallatin, Carol & Calvin Cobb, Cynthia & P. Lewis Crossley (2), Karen Wilkerson, Jim Garrity Memorial Cornerstone

Theatre Chair Sponsorships
Donor Name(s) will be prominently displayed on plaque inside Centrum
$250 each (455 available)


Rev. Bruce & Donna Frogge (2), Gloria Aldridge (10), Louise & Steve Slater (6), Brenda & Bill Spillman (2), Ron & Cynthia Munday (2), Marion Reed, Ruth Medlin (2), Tammy & Esau Jasso (2), Shirley Cantrell, Jackie & Pat Riley (2), Julia Johnson (2), Barbara & Dr Russell Schlattman (2), Beverly Collins (3), Barbara & Bud Habel (2), Martha Bissex (2), Carole & Tom McCarley (2), Pat & John Cooksey (2), Candy & Dr. Mark Rigo (2), Andrea and Jim Garrity (2), Diane and Larry Lipton (2), Patricia & Sam Harless (2), Ginni & Mark Whitten, Greg Lawrence (2), Karla & Bob Shirley (3), Christine Tremonte (2), Bill Rice (6), Karen & Steve Sharp (2), Cynthia & P. Lewis Crossley (2), Dale Adcock (4), Ruby Abrol Coleman, Scruples Boutique, CCCC Bunko (2), Ange & Bob Aghamalian (2), Nancy & Irv Grayson (2), Summer & David Patton (2), Norma Lowrey, Judge Lincoln Goodwin Campaign (2), Anne & Baines Manning (2), The Friendship SS Class, Margie and Rick Crump (2), Mary and Tom Brandt (2), Mary and David Klein (4), Carolyn Spillane (2), Lucy & Bob Limbaugh (2), Gail Mose, Claudia & Nathan Higginbotham (4), Paula & John Gembala (2), Beverly & Larry Hornback (2), Linda & Tom Warren (4), Bonnie & David Ellis, Scott Coleman, Peggy Jo & Dr. Elbert Coker (2), Farrar Stockton & Family, Jerry Albrecht Family (3), Helene Burris (2), Diane & Al Brooks (2), Michael Rebner & Dr. Joel Plaag (2), Julia & George Tienkien (2), Delma Neely, Carol and Frank Stack (2), Tim Reed (4), Sandra and Lamar Loyd, Elaine & Steve Neeld (2), Dana & Bill Hines, Karyn and Bill Duffy (4), Gerri Coy, Susan and Kevin Logan (2)

Portable Theatre Chair Sponsorships
Donor Name(s) will be prominently displayed on plaque inside Centrum
$175 each (110 available)


Dale Adcock (10), Judy Wood Michael, Rebner & Dr. Joel Plaag, In Memory of Estela Gomez, Shirley Cantrell, Juan Manzano



Margaret Davis, Rev. Bruce Frogge, Heather Sharp, Craft Crowd, Diane & Larry Lipton, Anita & John Griffin, Brooke & John Magness, Stephanie Spillman, Robin & Ricky Croix, Richard Chuska, Virgil Heiman, Janice Frazier, Elaine & Steve Neeld

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